• Sums of powers of linear forms, partial derivatives and commuting matrices (Based on [RT22])
    • Workshop on Algebraic Complexity 2023 (approx 25 minutes).
      [slides], [video]
  • Natural proofs in the algebraic setting (Based on [CKRST20, KRST22])
    • Simons Institute 2023 (approx 45 minutes).
      [slides], [video]
  • Is there an Algebraic Natural Proofs barrier? (Based on [CKRST20, KRST22])
    • STCS Symposium 2021 (approx 20 minutes).
      [slides], [video]
  • If VNP is hard, then so are equations for it (Based on [KRST22])
    • SIGTACS Seminar, IITK (approx 80 minutes, details).
  • On the existence of Algebraically Natural Proofs (Based on [CKRST20])
    • FOCS 2020 (long talk, approx 20 minutes).
    • Algorithms and Complexity Seminar, University of Waterloo.
  • Bootstrapping Hitting Sets for Algebraic Models (Based on [KST19])
    • ICTS-Workshop on Algebraic Complexity Theory, Bengaluru, 2019.
      [slides], [video]
    • SODA 2019.
  • Hitting Sets for UPT circuits (Based on [ST18])
    • Workshop on Algebraic Complexity Theory, Paris, 2018.

See also: YouTube playlist of videos about my (joint) research works.


WARNING: Shallow content!

  • “क्या है computers के लिए मुश्किल?” (Hindi with slides in English)
  • “Who cares about polynomials?” (Mostly English)